Duronic BL1200 Stainless Steel Jug Blender, 1.8 Litre, 1200 Watt

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The Duronic BL1200 Blender The BL1200 by Duronic is the most superior blender you will find in todays market, constucted diligently with the most high end materials to provide you with the ultimate blending experience. Consisting of an incredibly powerful 1200w motor, it will blend almost anything to the smoothest texture. Crush Ice Put Ice in with drink or water and press the Ice crush function or Put Ice directly into the jug, this way you can do small batches if you need a lot of ice crushed. The BL1200 will crush any strength of ice, the blades just needs to get in contact with it to crush it to pieces. Smoothies This is a favourite for most consumers. You will notice this machine will blend your recipe to the finest texture that most other blenders fail to do. It will make your smoothies more nutritious. Soup The blending process of soup means a lot of hot vapour is released from the hot vegetable, you will need to blend in batches of half jug fulls. Open the cap at the top to let the hot air to go out, cover with a cloth to stop ingredients spilling out. **VERY IMPORTANT: After making soup: Leave hot jug to cool down before washing. All glass products that have heated up when in contact with hot food will need time to cool down before washing. This will avoid jug from cracking. Auto Clean There is a pre programmed function for auto clean. Just put in a little bit of water and cleaning liquid and leave it to clean the jug, Rinse and wipe clean. For storage do not leave lid on jug, always keep it separate to release any odour.


Product Title: Duronic BL1200 Stainless Steel Jug Blender, 1.8 Litre, 1200 Watt

Manufacturer: Duronic

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