Kenwood K28CB10 Combination Microwave Freestanding , Black, 1100W

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Boasting a microwave, grill and convection oven cooking, the almighty Kenwood K28CB10 Combination Microwave offers a simple solution to re-heating, cooking and defrosting food, at a price that won't break the bank. With a 900-watt microwave, 1100-watt grill, and 2.5 kW convection oven, the Kenwood K28CB10 is ideal for everything from heating a quick pizza to browning a fine meal! And with 5 power levels to choose from in addition to auto-cook programmes and auto-defrost, this versatile oven can do it all. Flaunting modern touch controls and a roomy 28-litre capacity, the piano black Kenwood K28CB10 Combination Microwave stitches style, convenience and quality together seamlessly! General information Type Multifunction microwave oven Max. Power Microwave: 900 watts Grill: 1100 watts Oven: 2500 watts Cooking compartment Capacity 28 Material Stainless steel interior Functions Cooking modes Auto-cook, grill, convection oven, defrost Number of programs 5 power levels, auto cook programmes Control panel Touch controls Clock timer Yes Sound signal when finished Yes Other information Dimensions 326 x 520 x 438.5 mm


Product Title: Kenwood K28CB10 Combination Microwave Freestanding , Black, 1100W

Manufacturer: Kenwood