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Graphics & More Pixel Rupees - Colored Rubies Video Game Geek Shoe Sneaker Shoelace...

MPN: CHARMOVALSHOE7... This beautiful little shoe charm adds a touch of uniqueness to your favorite shoes. Simply thread your shoelace through the... More


Unique Dotted Brown with Three Charms Nappa B168DB Leather Bracelet

MPN: B168DB This Dotted Brown with Three Charms Nappa UNIQUE Jewellery Leather Bracelet is stylish, casual and cool, and affordable. Whether for... More


Rhona Sutton Link up Sterling Silver Set of Two Hobbie Charms With Choice of Options

Link up sterling silver set of two hobbie charms with choice of options: Love to Dance (1 x 1 cm, Shoe 1.5 x 0.9 cm. Weight: 3.6g) Love to Travel... More


Between You and I Personalised Photo Charm Bangle, 2 Charms

A real favourite and a stylish way to wear your special photograph. Three softly hammered bangles clustered with a two photo charms and two tiny... More

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