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Excellent Stand for Panasonic 42PHD8UK

Strengths: Elegant design, Sturdy Strong build, Easy installation

Weakness: None found yet!

If you have the panasonic 42PHD8UK (also suggested for some other plasma displays) THIS is the stand you have to buy. I dint shop around a lot as I did'nt want to take a chance with 3rd party stands damaging my display. I found the cheapest stand on one of the store fronts on Price Grabber. After seeing the design and the placement of fasteners and holes to fit a stand on the display I strongly suggest using this stand for your compatible panasonic plasma. The installation was super easy and my display looks so elegant now with this stand.
P.S: There is an older version of this stand with a different design, dont buy that even if it is cheaper as this is definitely more sturdy and elegant.

By ShriniketSS - Dec 6, 2005

Excellent Stand!!

Strengths: Goes well with the TV, easy to assemble and sturdy. Looks great.

Weakness: None

This stand really is great. I previously liked the looks of the older model TYST07K, and a part of me still prefers it in the sense of looks, but this stand allows for pivoting and is easy to assemble, and also looks great.

By omehta - Dec 5, 2005

Panasonic Plasma Pedestal stand

Strengths: Sturdy Build, vesatility

Weakness: front extension, return policy

I ordered this stand not knowing if it would fit with my plasma display. I have an older model Panasonic, and the recommended stand is no longer available. I purchased this stand with an educated guess that it would work, and of course, it fit just fine. Excellent turnaround time I placed my order on Wed, and the stand was at my door Friday afternoon. My only complaint is the return policy, if the product would not have worked, I could not return it.

By jamzimm; - Oct 22, 2007

Plasma Stand

Strengths: Very sturdy, original Panasonic quality

Weakness: None

We received the stand in record time just in time to use it for our move. We attached the stand and moved it in town that way into a rental. We originally had it on the wall but it leaves giant holes and we were moving to a brick house and didn't want to make large holes in the brick. It is a great stand and comes with different safety features to protect little ones from tipping it over onto themselves. Maks that tv very heavy when moved with it on.

It matches the color and the styling of the television, very sleek!

By jennstallings - Sep 26, 2007

50" Plasma Base

Strengths: easy to setup

Weakness: so far so good

Nice looking and very secure. Matches our 50 inch plasma TV, easy to setup. It takes only a couple of minutes to get it ready to go.
We pretty satisfied with this product.

By frankeec - Jul 2, 2007

Panasonic 42 in Plasma stand

Strengths: Solid & heavy duty Not all stands fit Panasonics like this one- This is a beaut!

Weakness: Front section could be less obtrusive in the front- requires Plasma to be set back a bit more

I used Nerds discovered as the #2 offer on a plasma set. By also buying from Google, got cost of shipment for free ($10). Item arrived super fast and in great condition. I'll use Pricegrabbers and Nerd again.
Exercise caution on ebay- "No return policy" may apply

By Jetthurm1 - Mar 17, 2007

STND f/37"/42"/50" PLASMA w/ROUND BASE.

Strengths: it fits well with the panasonic 42" plasma tv that i purchased.

Weakness: the only weakness is the cable from the TV can't be straight connecting to the power outlet. it may due to the TV design itslef that more suitable for wall mounting.

it is a good product for a plasma tv if you are not consider for a wall mount. heavy and able to provide a firm support of you plasma set

By ohaio99 - Dec 20, 2006

Panasonic Plasma TV stand for pro 9 series 37"/42"/50"

Strengths: Durability, functionality, appearance

Weakness: weight

This stand fits beautifully for this no-frills plasma monitor. It has a very stylistic appearance and is heavy enough to counter-balance the monitor. Don't be taken aback by shipping costs as it weighs close to 30 pounds. I'm using it on the 42" model.

By mjohnc - Dec 19, 2006

Good for TH-42PH9UK 42" Plasma TV

Strengths: Simple, easy to install, macth well with the Panasonic TV, manual is clear and easy to understand

Weakness: None so far

I bought a Panasonic TH-42PH9UK 42" Plasma TV together with this TY-ST08-K stand. The stand works well for the TV and it is very easy to setup, takes me less than 15 mins even though it is the first time I use it. The color match well with the TV and the stand is solid enough as the base for the TV. The design of the stand looks great also. So far the stand works well for me and no weakness that I able to identify.

By wykuan22 - Dec 19, 2006

Great Stand for Panasonic Plasma

Strengths: Fits my TH-50PHD8UK perfectly, should be working with 37 and 42 inches also.

Weakness: Heavy, but it's the weight that keep the TV from tilting. Expensive.

I bought the Panny 50" commercial plasma which came with no stand. This stand is the official one from Panny but the price is a little steep. But anyway, the color and style fits my TV perfectly and I have no complaint about the quality.

By martyc26 - May 1, 2006

Panasonic plasma stand - Round Base

Strengths: Well engineered product, almost like a sculpture.Can support the 37, 42 and the 50" Panasonic PHD 8 Series plasma display panels.

Weakness: NONE

Well engineered product, almost like a sculpture.Can support the 37, 42 and the 50" Panasonic PHD 8 Series plasma display panels. I've always loved the Panasonic designs. I bought the stand and speakers first before the plasma itself. I am very satisfied with this product.

By ukamec - Mar 23, 2006