Hohner Tremolo Soloist 64 C-G

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Hohner Tremolo Soloist 64 C/G - new top-quality model which will delight players of folk songs, evergreens and pop. In contrast with traditional tremolo instruments, solo tuning offers the complete major scale in both upper and lower octaves, making it possible to play your favourite tunes in the lower register on both sides . The traditional high-quality maple wooden comb has been completely lacquered inside and out with a special dark blue varnish which not only looks great, but also repels water and prevents warping. The box is fitted with a magnetic latch and features a lively and attractive motif. 2x 32reeds, 0.9mm brass reed plates, sealed maple wood comb. Length: approx. 18cm


Product Title: Hohner Tremolo Soloist 64 C-G

Manufacturer: Hohner

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