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Verve Multipurpose Compost 125L Contains essential plant nutrients and trace elements, Contains wetting agent for easier watering, Provides the ideal nutrient balance for strong root development and healthy plant growth, Do not use for Ericaceous plants. When planting out or potting up ericaceous plant species, use B&Q Ericaceous Compost, One pack contains sufficient compost to fill 200 x 4 inch pots, or 12 x 10 inch pots, or 41 seed trays or 22 x 12 inch hanging baskets, All figures are approximate. . An economic, peat based, all - purpose compost for general use indoors and outdoors. Suitable for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings, potting up containers and baskets and planting out in the garden. FREE delivery on orders over 50 GBP.T&Cs apply.


Product Title: Verve Multipurpose Compost 125L

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My fourth bale of this compost

I initially choose a bale of Verve Multipurpose after reading the Which? report on Composts. I now use it frequently in my pots, in planting and for mulching - it is a good complement to the rougher organic mix I produce in my compost bins. Best of all, it is one of the most economical products on the market.

By EMLUAE on B&Q - Apr 3, 2014

Good all round everyday use compost

Excellent for most jobs in the garden, nice texture and the smell is good quite earthy, so far good results and so would recommend. in addition its very good value for money.

By Millieb1 on B&Q - Mar 28, 2014

Excellent value

Great value pack it will see me through the summer, such a great price

By Dodger41 on B&Q - Mar 26, 2014

Value for Money

Usually very good quality you do get the occasional large piece of wood etc but still very good quality. Ideal for planting on and for potting up. Not so good for seeds I usually use the Verve seed compost as it is a lot finer and I get very good germination results.

By fishphotos on B&Q - Mar 26, 2014

Great value

I use an awful lot of compost for seeds, potting on and refreshing over wintered tender plants in pots/baskets. Based upon previous reviews I hot foot it down to B&Q and purchased 2 bags, be warned a bag is mighty heavy! Got home opened and was pleasently surprised - visually really great, texture was virtually the same as expensive seed compost - so far no lumps of wood, fibre etc. Need to wait...
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By rockingardener on B&Q - Mar 19, 2014

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