B&Q Cooke & Lewis Ameth Single Bowl Sink with Drainer

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Cooke & Lewis Ameth Single Bowl Sink with Drainer . Delivery usually within 7 days or . This Ameth single bowl sink with drainer is compatible with waste disposal unit. FREE delivery on orders over 50 GBP.T&Cs apply.


Product Title: B&Q Cooke & Lewis Ameth Single Bowl Sink with Drainer

Manufacturer: B&Q

Power Score: 3.1 | 10 Reviews

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Very happy.

As I didn't need to install this sink myself, I am very pleased with what i got for this price (plumber said that it was more difficult to install this type of sink, though). Sink is massive: can put any pan, pot or all plates which left after dinner - and all fit inside! Yes, you can see water marks on it but to be honest, its not bother me. It looks and works great in my kitchen!

By Alexy on B&Q - May 5, 2014

Great sink

This is sleek and stylish and also good quality for a great price. It looks fabulous in my new kitchen. B&Q delivered exactly on time and I would use them and this Cooke and Lewis again and highly recommend. Excellent, thank you

By mh1999 on B&Q - Apr 24, 2014

Looks great but a pain to fit :/

dispite reading all the bad the reveiws i went ahead a purchased this sink thinking "surely its not that bad" well im sorry to say it was a right pain to fit, everything about it is rubbish, the only good thing is its style, it looks great :D i actually love the look and couldnt find another sink i liked the look of and the sink its self seems really robust and good quality but the clips and the...
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By on B&Q - Jul 3, 2013

Do not buy

Looks great from the top, after that its all adownhill. The designers got this wrong. A sharpe edge all the way around which makes sealing very difficult. You get a foam strip to help seal the worktop, this barely protrudes beyond the depth of the sink. I had to grind 5mm off all the clips as when they are fully unscrewed they only just and i mean only just grip the worktop then you cant start...
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By on B&Q - Dec 18, 2012

Don't bother with this sink

This sink looks great but as other reviewers have pointed out, it will give you nothing but trouble when fitting. We had to fit the sink to the work top and then fit the worktop otherwise you have very limited access to the fixings. The fixing clips won't pull the sink flat against the worktop either. We had to silicone seal the unit and clamp it for a day. Get it wrong and you can say goodbye to...
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By Jamie32 on B&Q - Oct 11, 2012

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